3 Week Loan Period: Books, Books on CD, Playaways and Magazines. These are $0.10 per day if overdue.

1 Week Loan Period: DVDs and Children’s DVDs. These are $0.50 per day if overdue. These cannot be renewed.

Auto Renew: All of our items with a renewal available will automatically renew on the date that it is due. Items that have no holds on them by someone else may be renewed by request, if there is no more available renewals.

Item Check Out Total: You may check out to 30 items on a card. A limit of 5 DVD’s and 5 Games.

Fines & Fees: There is a maximum late fee that can be acquired for each late item. $5 for books and materials, $10 for games and media.

(If a Patron has reached a fine of $5 or more, they must pay down their fines before being able to use their card).

New Materials: All of our new materials are available for check out and request by any Patrons of Seneca County. We reserve new materials for 3 months before making them readily available to all 33 libraries in our system. 


There is parking behind the building, and a big red book drop if you would like to return your materials when we are not open.