Ford Library Minecraft Server

All ages welcome. Play from home or at the library.



What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a critically acclaimed creative sandbox video game that allows players to explore, build, and collaborate in their own unique world. You can learn a lot more about the game on the official website or on the Minecraft Wiki.

How do I play?
First, you need your own Minecraft account. You can make one at the Minecraft website. Then, once you have activated your account, you can start the game on the latest version of Minecraft and then click “Multiplayer.” In the Multiplayer menu, click “add server” and input the following information:
minecraft server

What difficulty is the world set to?
The Ford Library world is set to “Normal” difficulty, so there will be hostile mobs to fight and resources to gather. However, certain dangers than can be used to destroy other people’s hard work have been disabled, such as TNT explosions and friendly fire. The goal of the server is to collaborate and play together, not to fight each other.

Are there any mods installed?
Yes – we are running a version of SpigotMC and a variety of plugins designed to create a safe and fun atmosphere. For example, TNT and Creepers will not destroy blocks, players cannot damage each other, fire will not spread, and swearing in server chat is filtered out. To access all mod-related commands, type “/help” while logged in to the server.