3D Printing Services


We are printing on a Prusa Mini+. The maximum print size is 7x7x7 inches. We print in PLA plastic filament with is rigid and strong. White and black filament are always available and other colors will be available for limited times or upon request.

Samples of prints are available to view in the library.


The minimum cost is $1.00. Most small objects will be less than $5.00, and most large and solid objects being less than $30.00.

3D Printing services are priced at-cost, similar to our 2D printing services. Each print job will be quoted individually based on an estimate of filament usage and time. Our goal in providing 3D printing services is to offer high quality and professional prints at accessible prices.

The above pricing assumes standard PLA filament and reasonable infill, which is very strong and good for most applications. Other filament options are only available upon request on a case-by-case basis. See our 3D Printing Policy for details.

How to Order

To request a 3D Print, email [email protected] with the 3D model that you would like printed. Luke will get back to you soon with a quote or to ask for more information about your requirements. Note that all 3D print job requests are approved, processed, and completed by Luke Hodde, our IT Specialist.

Designs may be obtained from file-sharing sites such as thingiverse.com or youmagine.com, or created in free 3D design software such as tinkercad.com or Blender.