The Young Adult Community Engagement program is a 9 month long paid internship opportunity at the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library in Ovid, NY, and is open to young adults and students in southern Seneca County. This project has room for up to 10 participants. 

Chosen participants will be mentored by those in the community who are passionate about making changes in order to create a group community project that will focus on something that is relevant and important to them. Community guest speakers will discuss community assets, current community projects and address local issues. 

Program participants will attend 8 team building meetings that focus on mental and physical health; 5 community workshops; and 4 project planning meetings. 

The meetings will be held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, with an exception to September and December. September meetings will be Monday 26th, and Wednesday 28th. December only has one meeting on the 12th. Meetings are from 3:30pm to 5pm, at the library. 

Participants must attend all but 3 meetings to be eligible for the stipend. 


Introductions and Wellness Kits with Amber Pasiak, Librarian at Edith B. Ford Memorial Library
History and Economics with Monica WIlkerson Kelly, Archivist; Luke Hodde, IT Specialist; and Joe Borst, Town of Ovid Supervisor


Rage Room with Amber Pasiak, Librarian; and Luke Hodde, IT Specialist

Local Climate Issues with Graham Savio, Agriculture and Horticulture Issue Leader of Cornell University


First Aid with Red Cross
Community Assets with Theresa Lahr, Project Director of Seneca Towns Engaging People for Solutions; Carries Smalser, Case Manager at Lakeview Health Services and Volunteer Firefighter; and Patty Parsons, Teacher at South Seneca Central School


Local Projects with Joe McGrath, Deputy Director of Seneca County Department of Planning and Community Development; Kristin Parry, Marketing and Development Coordinator for CCE; and Andrea Tillinghast, Director of Edith B. Ford Memorial Library


End the Silence Presentation with NAMI
Choose Topic & Research on Topic with Amber Pasiak, Librarian


Resume Building Workshop with Seneca County Work Development and Youth Bureau
Start Planning Process with Amber Pasiak, Librarian


Yoga & Meditation with Ann Mittermyer
Work on Project & Outreach with Amber Pasiak, Librarian


TBD with Amber Pasiak, Librarian
Work on Project & Outreach with Amber Pasiak, Librarian; and Guest


Civic Engagement with Amber Pasiak, Librarian; and Luke Hodde, IT Specialist
Finalize Project with Amber Pasiak, Librarian