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5:00 ‒ VoidCon opens!
    – Sign in for your prize and name badge
    – 3D papercrafting in the Hub (1)
    – Dungeons & Dragons info in the basement Den
    – Pokemon & other trading cards in the Fort (4)
    – PC Gaming in the Fort all night!

5:30 ‒ Foam boffer sword making, basement Community Room
    – Sign up to save your spot

6:00 ‒ Comic Camp book launch reception, basement Classroom

6:00 ‒ Foam boffer sword making, basement Community Room (9)
    – Sign up to save your spot

6:30 ‒ Comic Drawing lesson with Ken Wheaton, basement Classroom (5)
    – Sign up to save your spot. Repeats on the half hour (7:00, 7:30, 8:00)

6:30 ‒ Foam boffer sword lesson, in the park

7:00 ‒ LARP swordplay demo and duel, in the park

7:20 ‒ Iron Cosplay Round 1, basement Community Room (9)
    – Sign up as a team of 2-5. You’ll get 10 minutes to create a costume using only the supplies provided, with an assigned theme. Depending on the number of teams, you may participate in up to 3 rounds. (7:40 and 8:00)

8:30 ‒ Photoshoot for best costumes and cosplay

9:00 ‒ See you at VoidCon 2020!

Featured Guests

Alan Pollack

Science Fiction Illustrator Alan Pollack, whose work has been sought after by behemoths Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Harper/Collins, Daw Books, Del-Rey, Baen Books, Tor Books, ROC and the Science Fiction Book Club. Get your magic cards signed!

Alan will be hanging out in the Cafe (3) for the duration of the event.

Ken Wheaton

Comic illustrator and author Ken Wheaton, best known for his work on Popeye. He also teaches comic creation camp every year here at the library! Ken will be in the Classroom (5) for the comic camp reception and drawing lesson.

Wonderland Comics

Wonderland Comics of Rochester, NY will have a table and display with comics available, including some giveaway items!

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