Upcoming Programs & Events

STEPS Cooking Class

Learn how to make planet-friendly meals with Meg and Deb from STEPS!

Saturday, May 28th



To register, contact STEPS at

(607) 403-0069 OR

[email protected]

Critical Race Theory

Wednesday, June 1st
Local author and educator, Paul Berg, talks about critical race theory, a hot topic that has been in the news over the past few months. CRT examines the intersection of race and U.S. social institutions. Berg will explain what this intersection means, and why people are talking about it now. Learn more on the topic and why it is in the news by signing up below!

Bitcoin with Luke Hodde

Wednesday, June 16th
All ages

Join IT Specialist, Luke Hodde, for his talk on bitcoin. Learn what bitcoin is, how it is used, and its impacts.

Storytime Programs

Join Jae, the Storytime Facilitator, for fun and exciting storytimes offered to children ages two through six!


Come to the library for fun, innovative storytimes where we read amazing books and do incredibly fun activities for the whole family to enjoy!

First Friday of Every Month

In-Person with Masks


No registration required

Family Storytime

Join Jae in ending the day with relaxing stories and activities. This event is virtual and goes live at 6pm on Facebook at @ovidlibrary. The recording is available for the rest of the month.

Third Wednesday of Every Month



No registration required

Bring Storytime to Your Organization!

Itty-Bitty Storytime

Add a little bit of fun to your day with Jae’s Itty-Bitty Storytime! A weekly program where we read an exciting book and learn new songs! Join in on the fun by heading to @ovidlibrary on Facebook and follow the Itty-Bitty Storytime event.




No registration required

At Home Programs

Art Kits

Learn art at home, or just have fun! Created by Vanessa Varjian.

Educational Kits

Experiments and fun educational activities for home learning.

Stop by the library or visit the catalog to browse kits.


Seed Library

Sign out up to three seed packets and return seeds to us in the fall, all at no cost!

3D Printing

We offer basic 3D printing services, printing in PLA plastic.

Minecraft Server

The library hosts a modded Minecraft server you can play on with friends here at the library or at home.

Book the Archivist

Archivist, Monica is available on Wednesdays between 12 – 5 pm, to help answer any local history questions or assist in research. 

Book the IT Specialist

Luke is available for tech help Monday to Wednesday 1pm to close. 

Reader Advisory and Book Bundles

If you would like help finding a new read, please fill out the quick form below. 

Reference Questions

Fill out this short form to request help from the librarian in finding the answers to the questions you have! 

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