Our library is funded in part by community donations. We thank you for your support.

Words & Wine

A fundraising dinner! Enjoy localvore and Finger Lakes Wine in support of the Ford Library.

Plant Sale

Buy flowers, plants, herbs, hanging baskets & MORE for Mother's Day.

You can honor the important people or events in your life and support the purchase of new books with your gift to the endowment program. Your gift enables the purchasing of high-quality, special interest titles not usually affordable with our book budget.  

CELEBRATIONS – birthday, anniversary, or other special event. 

COMMEMORATION – to remember someone special.

GIVING THANKS – to a mentor, teacher, parent, etc. 

SUPPORT – of the Ford Memorial Library collection.

You can help ensure the Library is enjoyed for generations to come by including the Ford Memorial Library as a beneficiary in your will, retirement asset, life insurance, or by making a gift to our endowment. For more information, please contact our Board President, Lisa Brown at [email protected].