Home Education - to help supplement education at home for parents interested in homeschooling.

Information is submitted to TST BOCES – to submit completed paperwork, you may email the Home Instruction Office: [email protected] or mail it to Home Instruction Office, 555 Warren Road, Building J, Ithaca, NY 14850
1- Notice of Intent: JULY 1 or within 14 days after commencing home instruction.
2- Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP): AUGUST 15 or within four weeks after commencing home instruction.
3- Quarterly Reports (K-12): Due by dates indicated on IHIP (spaced in even and logical periods).
4- Annual Assessment: Due with 4th Quarterly Report by JUNE 30. (Assessment requirements vary by grade. New York State Education Law requires that students in grades 9-12 be tested every year and that students in grades 4-8 be tested at least every other year.)